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Print out the form below and fax it to (323) 967-5000


Applying for position of _______________________________ Date__________________

Name_____________________________ Phone ____________ Fax _________________
Address__________________________________ City _____________ State __________
Age _____ Date Of Birth ___/___/___ E-Mail ___________________________________
Present Yeshiva Attending ________________________________ Grade _____________
Other Schools previously attended _____________________________________________
List and describe briefly skills, hobbies, and interests, including Jewish activities and general groups (music, sports, lifeguard etc.): ________________________________________________
Have you ever attended a sleep-away camp? _____
If Yes, please list camps previously attended and your capacity: __________________________________________________________________________
Past experience in Youth groups: ______________________________________________

1. Two letters of recommendation must accompany this application.
2. Minimum required age: Counselor-18; Co-Counselor-17
3. Please attach photograph of yourself to this application. Application will be considered incomplete if photograph is omitted.
4. Because we have great many applicants, we are sorry that we are unable to grant interviews for every applicant. Should your application be accepted for an interview, you will be notified in advance.

5. Upon acceptance, all staff must pay their own airfare to California.
6. Junior Staff fee:
$1,295; Campers: $2,795.
7.Campers are expected to tip Rebbeim, Counselors & Junior Counselors.

REFERENCES: List 2 references. Preferably, include your Rebbi and a school teacher or principal.

_____________________ ____________________ __________ _________________
_____________________ ____________________ __________ _________________

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